Skincare company needs your help!


A Cornish vegan skincare company, which was recently featured on a BBC television series, has launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Falmouth-based Scence Skincare is seeking to raise £20k to support a new range of natural, vegan skin cleansing products that complement its existing range.

Scence Skincare lost most of its wholesale orders overnight at the start of the pandemic, but has since started to bounce back. Recently it saw its Perfect Rose Natural Deodorant rated top in a product comparison challenge by the BBC 1 series Shop Well for the Planet.

The company’s founders – sisters Krista Taylor and Mel Styles – spent the downtime productively, researching new ingredients and formulating new natural products, which fuelled an idea to develop a whole new cleansing range.

Taylor said: “It was such a worrying time during the pandemic and we are lucky to have made it out the other side. We are so excited to see where our new launch of products will take us, the daily support from well-wishers with heart-warming messages and countless likes and shares online helps us to believe we can reach our target and make this happen.”

For details on how to support the Scence campaign on Crowdfunder, click here.