Return of Christmas Spirit


The English Spirit Distillery is re-releasing its Christmas Spirit for the festive season.

First produced in 2017 by English Spirit’s Master Distiller Dr John Walters, the best-selling yuletide offering is back with refreshed packaging and having received a Gold award from the Spirit Business Luxury Masters competition.

The distillery was the first in Britain to distil rum from scratch, with the release of Old Salt Rum in 2012, and is still one of only a few to distil rum from scratch in the UK today.

The English rum liqueur is produced by fermenting pure sugar cane molasses, which is then double-distilled in copper pot alembic stills with oak and hickory woods; a process unique to English Spirit that adds depth to the flavour profile. The rum is then blended with an array of festive flavours; including fresh orange zest, split vanilla pods, raisins, cinnamon and star anise; before being bottled at 25% ABV as a “deconstructed Christmas pudding in a bottle”.