Protest makes a splash at COP26


A Cornish start-up has been up in Glasgow this week providing a protest pontoon for the COP26 conference.

ScaffFloat, which makes floating pontoons using its patented plastic floats and scaffolding, also floated the inflated blimp of Boris Johnson and Joe Biden at this summer’s G7 conference.

The Penryn-based company was approached by The Climate Coalition at short notice to see if it could do something similar in Scotland.

ScaffFloat MD Toby Budd said: “This is such a great example of how we add value. Initially the client only wanted a floating pontoon with a banner, then we suggested we sink the pontoon to create this great photo opportunity.

“We knew the objective was press coverage so worked hard to give them a photo that would get traction in the world’s media – and within an hour it was on BBC News, Glasgow Daily Times, Sky News, CNN, to name but a few.”

For the press photo, an 8m x 4m scaffold platform was sunk just below the water’s surface and supported by a set of plastic ScaffFloats on deck. This gives the impression of a ‘flooded’ floor which the charity utilised for a creative photo showing world leaders meeting on a flooded stage.