Newquay-based resin bound driveway company, Oltco, has expanded its product offering.

Recycle Base is a ground reinforcement system made utilising stone and low-grade plastic, including waste ocean plastic.

It follows on from the company’s successful Recycle Bound solution, which since its launch nearly three years ago has recycled the equivalent of over 150 million plastic straws.

Oltco partnered with Newquay Town Council to install Recycle Base and Recycle Bound as part of the Killacourt Enhancement Project.

Director Tom Stringer said: “Recycle Bound has been hugely successful and has had a really positive impact on the environment. We’re really excited to replicate this success with Recycle Base.”

Fellow director, Johnny Pearce, added: “Typically, the low-grade ocean plastic is incinerated as it is no longer of use. We wanted to use this plastic and give it a new purpose and by doing this, prevent the release of more CO2 emissions.

“Recycle Base also has the added benefit that after its useful life, it can be broken up and used to create a new ground reinforcement system – it was really important to us that we created a product that could continue to be reused.”