Leap founder cycling to COP26


A Cornish sustainability leader is using pedal power to draw attention to the climate crisis.

On November 1, world leaders are gathering in Scotland for what is being billed as the most important summit on climate change in a generation – the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26).

Matt Hocking, founder of design agency Leap, will be there but rather than using plane, train or automobile, he is planning on cycling from London to Glasgow in seven days, covering over 475 miles.

He will be part of a peloton of 100 climate cyclists from across industries and communities peddling their way to what is widely considered the most important COP yet.

The aim of the ride is to raise climate action, build awareness of positive climate solutions and create a community of climate champions.

All riders have their own pledge page, where instead of raising cash, they are asking for simple actions in people’s everyday lives. Every commitment will have a direct carbon saving and will help send a powerful message that people care and are ready to create more change.

Hocking is asking the people of Cornwall to get behind him and make pledges.  Anything from reducing your reliance on tumble dryers to eating less meat – there are 50+ actions to choose from. To get involved, see his pledge page here.

He said: “The reason I’m doing this is because we all have to show up, raise our voice and use everything we can of ourselves to change the world for good. This is about using myself, Leap and the powers of communication to build awareness and create change. Plus, I’m 50 in November and my love handles need some work!”

He added: “My hope alongside the 475 miles of cycling is to raise 500+ pledge actions and micro carbon reduction measures.  Like cycling, this is good for us and the planet and good for our pocket as it costs nothing more than time and physical energy.

“I’d love the people and businesses of Cornwall to get behind me as I represent our incredible county and opportunity for the future.”