St Austell Brewery has opened applications for 25 budding cooks to join its chef apprenticeship programme.

The brewery’s 35 managed pubs, inns, and hotels across the south west include sites such as the Pedn Olva in St Ives and the Chain Locker in Falmouth.

Applicants do not need to have any experience – all they need is a positive attitude, a passion for food and a desire to forge a future in the industry. They will learn hands-on, practical experience in the kitchen alongside talented experienced team members. Apprentices will also enrol on an academic-based course to help them develop the skills needed for a successful career in the world of food.

The brewery is widely recognised for its work with apprentices. It won the BII NITA (National Innovation in Training Award) for ‘Best Apprenticeship Programme’ in 2017 and has been shortlisted for the award since.

Chief executive, Kevin Georgel, said: “We are passionate about delivering great hospitality and making sure that every one of our guests receives a warm welcome and enjoys excellent food and drink. Our people are at the heart of making this happen and a talented chef team delivering brilliant food is so important to our guests’ experience.

“Joining our family business as an apprentice chef is a unique opportunity to work at some of the South West’s top kitchens and learn from truly talented individuals.”

To find out more and to apply for St Austell’s apprenticeship programme, which works in partnership with colleges across the south west, click here. The closing date for applications is October 25.