Falmouth Tall Ships 2021 has been cancelled, it was announced today.

With the continuing uncertain situation throughout Europe and across the globe in relation to the Covid pandemic, organisers and strategic partners said the tall ships race and event, planned for August 17-19, will not be going ahead.

However, “possible options” are being actively worked upon which will be announced by the team in near future.

The news will, perhaps, not come as a surprise. The Covid situation continues to severely affect international travel, the events sector and crucially for this event, the ability for the tall ships to travel and safely accommodate crew, a key aspect in respect of their commercial viability.

The Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor Steve Eva, said: “This is of course disappointing news but understandable. We know the tall ships events are loved by many people in Falmouth, Cornwall and further afield but given the current situation and in particular the challenges faced by the ships and their captains, it is the correct decision based on the information available at this moment in time.

“I know that a lot of work has gone into the planning of the event by the Town Team and partners, and I’d like to thank them all for their efforts.”

The Falmouth Town Team (the public private partnership between Falmouth Town Council and Falmouth BID) will be providing further updates in the coming weeks.