Speaker coup for UP event

Kate Ancketill

Working out what the business world might look like in a year’s time is, ordinarily, a tricky enough proposition. But getting any sense from your crystal ball in times as turbulent as these is like trying to watch Netflix on a Nokia.

Which is why Cornwall’s Future Focus programme, in partnership with the University of Exeter, is inviting business leaders to listen to a globally-renowned expert on future trends, deciphering the signs, and innovation on the planet, economy, self and culture.

On Tuesday April 27, Kate Ancketill will lead an online Future Focus event about navigating change in a fast-paced and turbulent business landscape, in which she’ll discuss the importance of how mega-trends shape emerging categories & future consumer behaviour.

Ancketill is CEO and founder of GDR Creative Intelligence, a global consultancy and innovation partner to around 30 of the world’s largest consumer brands, including Apple, Waitrose Procter & Gamble, Tesco and Google.

Her keynote at the ‘Future Trends’ event will discuss the chaos that follows crisis, the factors informing the new shape which emerges from that chaos, and how now’s the perfect time for business-owners to work on their business to understand the possibilities of megatrends and benefit from that insight.

She said: “Innovation almost always starts with cross fertilisation. Looking outside of your sector and geography at non-competitors is far more likely to lead to disruptive breakthroughs than can be achieved by chasing your competitors.”

For her part, Unlocking Potential’s programmes director, Ally Glover, has no doubt what a coup Kate’s participation represents.

“I can’t stress enough Kate’s global scale in this field,” she said. “This is someone Apple paid to inspire them every quarter for five years; someone whose business is advising some of the world’s biggest brands on future trends.

“For Cornish businesses to be able to tap into her expertise and experience for a couple of hours is as exciting for us at Unlocking Potential as it could be transformational for the businesses attending.”

For more details and to book a place, click here.