Supermarket sea salt sales soar


Cornish Sea Salt is reporting a 46% rise in sales across its supermarket accounts.

The uplift is being credited to consumers becoming more creative with their cooking during lockdown.

Sales of Cornish Sea Salt rose a huge 202% in Tesco, with further growth in Morrisons (76%), Sainsburys (22.6%), Waitrose (31.6%) and Asda (22.6%).

More shoppers than ever before are upgrading to gourmet salt from ordinary table salt as the once foodie trend becomes mainstream – Cornish Sea Salt also saw a 22.6% uplift in ASDA stores.

The brand also reported growth in convenience stores, with sales in Co-Op up by more than a third.

Cornish Sea Salt Company MD, Philip Tanswell, said: “The past few years have seen a significant rise in the demand for sea salt in the UK, quadrupling output from our sea salt house in Cornwall as a result.

“Our salts are naturally lower in sodium and contain over 60 healthy minerals. They pack such a punch that you’ll get away with using 30% less than other salts for the same intensity of flavour.”