Looking for Cornish lemons

Jolly's business development director Jamie Belsey

Jolly’s Drinks is on the lookout for a Cornish lemon producer for its new lemonade.

Saltash-based Jolly’s is expanding its range to include a classic and a pink lemonade, made from local produce. It already has a Cornish strawberry grower on board for the pink lemonade and is now on the hunt for a Cornish lemon grower or producer.

Production manager Martin Barnes, who is responsible for crafting Jolly’s flavours, said: “We had such a brilliant time collaborating with Cornish Chillies in Summercourt for the Jamaican Yellow chillies for the ginger beer, and we’ve already got a Cornish strawberry grower contributing to the pink lemonade – so it would be wonderful to have a Cornish lemon producer on board.”

Creating a lemonade from local ingredients has been a long-term aim for the team at Jolly’s. Barnes has been developing the flavour, researching and testing to create a blend of sweet, sour and sharpness.

“The taste testing process is a real voyage of discovery – people respond to flavours differently at different times of day,” Barnes explained. “Even the water has an effect on the eventual flavour, which is why we use our own springwater.”

If you’re a lemon grower or producer and you want your lemons to be a part of Jolly’s lemonade, you can get in touch by emailing Martin Barnes on martin@jollysdrinks.co.uk.