Launching a career in space


Spaceport Cornwall has launched its new educational outreach programme to inspire youngsters to explore careers in the space industry.

With the first launch from Spaceport Cornwall in 2022 on the horizon, Spaceport Cornwall and Virgin Orbit began their mission to connect with the future leaders of launch by hosting their first educational webinar.

Over 150 local students from Penrice Academy and Pool Academy attended the hour-long broadcast aimed at educating pupils on the key role Cornwall is playing in the next era of the UK’s space industry and the future opportunities this will bring.

Children were able to learn more about space launch from Cornwall and how rockets are built, as well as taking part in a Q & A with the teams. The webinar kicks off larger outreach programme aimed at engaging every school in the county.

Dave Pollard, education and outreach officer at Spaceport Cornwall, said: “The enthusiasm seen in students today was hugely inspiring – this is exactly why we wanted to begin our new outreach programme.

“We are so excited to engage with local students and show them the future opportunities waiting on their doorstep, and it was amazing to be able to do this alongside the Virgin Orbit Team – the insight into their operations is invaluable for the pupils’ space education.”