Tackling mental health at work


Businesses are being invited to take part in a new mental health in business programme.

The project, which is being fully funded by Rotary in the South West Peninsula, involves specialist wellbeing trainers delivering workshops to help businesses become more confident in talking about mental health to their colleagues, friends, and families.

Project lead, John Pearce, said: “Our experience has led us to create three new courses to help business better understand the problem and to find solutions for the benefit of their staff and the business.”

The courses start with a level one ‘taster’ workshop, to help people understand the general problems that having poor mental health can cause. The next course is level two, one that helps employers and employees gain a deeper understanding of how poor mental health affects day to day lives and the costs of this to both the business and the individual.

After people have attended the level two course, they will be invited to take advantage of a more practical course, which is where our experienced trainers will help them to implement a wellbeing strategy to enable the creation of a positive workplace course which shows how to move forward to create a healthier happier workplace.

The courses will be available until December 31. For more details, click here.