Event: A short, sharp hit of business support


Busy Cornish business owners are being invited to a “short, sharp, all content, no filler” breakfast ‘Espresso’ event at the St Austell Conference Centre next month to help streamline their business activities and get back half a day a week.

Part of Unlocking Potential (UP), the ERDF-funded InFocus Espresso Events are designed to help support businesses with a turnover of £85k-500k plan for the next stage of business growth. Host of this next Espresso on December 4 is productivity and tech expert, Kate Doodson, co-director of Cosmic UK and self-proclaimed ‘geek girl’.

Doodson will spend the morning “exploring how businesses can use apps, platforms, video and photography effectively on their phones to improve every day operational productivity”.

“I’m excited about showing this technology to Cornish businesses because the opportunity to improve their productivity is, literally, already in people’s hands,” she said.

“There are so many handy apps and bits of software available on our phones that are so easy to use. This morning Espresso is great: by lunchtime, people can be immediately put into practice what they’ve learnt, saving time and boosting productivity.”

Doodson will also give businesses the chance to get hands-on with a practical ‘Gadget Show’, by inviting delegates to have a close-up look at, and play with, the hardware, software, gadgets and accessories which can help find extra hours in the business day.

UP’s programme director, Allyson Glover, added: “One of the biggest challenges we hear about from business owners is that they don’t have enough time. It’s great that this Espresso event addresses that directly. Kate’s a successful entrepreneur in her own right, so she absolutely gets what it’s like for people who feel like they’re always juggling too many balls with not enough hands. These sessions are all about helping businesses overcome the difficult stuff and focus on tomorrow with greater confidence and clarity which is what InFocus is all about, in a nutshell.”

For more information and to book onto the ‘Better Business: It’s in your hands’ Espresso, click here.