AJT has welcomed four new translators and a new translation intern to its offices.

The Newquay-based translation agency has been looking to expand since it moved to larger offices two years ago, but has found that the uncertainty surrounding Brexit has hampered recruitment.

MD Anja Jones explained: “For young, ambitious translators with English as their main second language, coming to work in England after their translation degree is a really attractive proposition. In-house translation positions are particularly sought after, so we normally receive quite a lot of applications.

“Unfortunately, Brexit has really confused matters. Ever since the referendum we have received fewer applications than usual from German and French native speakers for our in-house positions. So, at the beginning of the year, we adapted our recruitment strategy from offering full-time permanent positions to 12-month contracts, and that has really helped.

“By offering 12-month contracts, relocating to the UK doesn’t seem like quite such a daunting commitment or risk while the impacts of Brexit are still unknown. And from our perspective as employers, offering 12-month contracts allows us to maximise our office space and work towards our growth goals while balancing the risks of an economic downturn post-Brexit.”