Rock-based Sharp’s Brewery has just released a limited supply of coconut-brewed beer.

The second brew in Sharp’s Adventure Series, following Tripel O which was released in 2018, Coconut Stout is “set to refresh taste buds with its tropical flavour”.

The series, says Sharp’s, is driven by a desire for exploration and pursuit of new flavours, giving consumers “a chance to stray off the beaten track”.

“Coconut Stout combines speciality chocolate malts, oats and coconut to create a deliciously smooth stout with a subtle, nutty sweetness. Tasted daily for months to ensure that the flavour of the final product was delicately balanced, this beer is set to take customers on an exotic taste adventure.”

Sharp’s’ marketing controller, James Nicholls, said: “At Sharp’s we passionately believe in bringing new ways to enjoy beer to the table. Our Adventure Series, and more specifically this innovative yet simple Coconut Stout, are perfect examples of this. This level of innovation really excites all of us at Sharp’s, particularly the brewing team who get to channel their skills and creativity to develop something totally unique.”

Coconut Stout is available now in Waitrose and retail across the country while stocks last.