Unlocking Potential is organising three business trip opportunities for Cornish companies to attend in London this September

Part of Unlocking Potential’s Future Focus programme, the trips will afford those businesses access to top media contacts, the attention of leading buyers, nationally and globally, and to the latest thinking and practice around ecommerce and digital innovation.

A select group will attend the design-led Top Drawer exhibition (Sep 9-10) at Olympia, while the second event  – Tell Your Story in Soho – is a unique opportunity to showcase 12 or so businesses from Cornwall in a room full of journalists from national magazines, at The Union Club in Soho.

The third event will take business owners to the combined E-Commerce Expo, Technology for Marketing and Ad:Tech London events, held at Olympia each year, where they’ll be able to catch and keep up with the latest e-commerce thinking, digital marketing and the kind of technology to maximise customer experience.

Unlocking Potential’s programme director, Allyson Glover, said: “It’s hard to overstate the value for business owners, not just of getting away from where they work to find some headspace, but of talking with peers, industry leaders and innovators, about what they do and what they want to do.

“It can be really difficult to think creatively about your own business and its future when every day brings a new challenge. These trips are about the specific information and inspiration they take on board, of course, but they’re also about having the time and space to really think.”

For more information about these Lab Trips email futurefocus@unlocking-potential.co.uk  or call 0845 600 3660.