Cornwall Chamber of Commerce has announced two of its key themes for 2020 – Leadership and Cornwall: A Great Place to Work.

With its wildly diverse landscape, innovative companies and variety of hidden beaches, many people agree that Cornwall is a fantastic place to live and work. In 2020, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce will be delivering an ongoing campaign to position Cornwall as an area in which you can “find the career you want, in the place you love”.

Working with business sector groups, public sector, support services and membership organisations, Cornwall Chamber aims for the campaign to appeal to the digitally-enabled 21-year-old as much as considered leaders, creating “21st century businesses” and offering the benefits that make their workplace a great place to work.

These themes will be launched during April 2020 at the new three-day People, Place and Business events. Also in planning are inaugural awards to celebrate Cornwall’s outstanding leaders, great places to work and board and NED contributions.

Cornwall Chamber of Commerce CEO Kim Conchie said: “In Cornwall we have a fantastic quality of life and the leaders with the highest staff retention rates are those which encourage their staff to embrace the Cornish lifestyle and be productive in work. We want to position Cornwall as a place to come and find the career you want, in the place you love.

“This campaign seeks to highlight those forward-thinking organisations leading their staff in inclusive 21st century practices and we are looking forward to working collaboratively to raise Cornwall’s profile as a great place to work.”