ACE new venture for Camel Trail


A new catering business has opened along the Camel Trail.

The picturesque 18-mile Camel Trail cycle path follows a disused railway line which once connected Cornwall with London via the London and South West Railway.

Taking its name from the Atlantic Coast Express, which operated on the route between 1926 and 1967, the ACE café can be found midway between Wadebridge and Padstow, serving a range of homemade fare such as cakes, crepes and coffees and much more.

ACE is the brainchild of Kelly Littlejohns and Dougal Holley, who first conceptualised their vision of a train carriage buffet car café in 2015, but finally found the perfect old carriage to realise their dream in 2018.

“We are hoping for ACE to become a real unique foodie destination,” said Littlejohns.

“People can arrive by bike, by foot, on horseback or even pull up by boat to enjoy the homemade foodie delights on offer and there’s really nothing quite like it.

“We are also planning a series of ‘Supper Nights’ which will provide a magical experience and celebrate the local delicacies to be found along this stretch of the coast. One of the chefs to curate these nights used to head up the kitchen at the Savoy in London and he’s in good company with other top chefs showing off their culinary skills. So, we can’t wait for ACE to play host to such a unique and intimate rustic dining experience.”