How to be great employer


Business leaders from across the county recently gathered at Rick Stein’s restaurant in Porthleven to find out more about what it takes to be a great employer.

Organised by Sapience HR, the event concentrated on a range of benefits, perks and support businesses could offer, to attract and retain great staff and also what would help to make them a great employer.

Sapience MD, Sue Hook, said: “Finding and keeping the best people is a challenge for all companies. Being a great employer is much more than just the salary you pay. It’s also about the way you treat your staff, the culture of your business, the environment within which you work, the training you give, how you involve your staff in your business, plus lots of other things and ultimately, how you recognise and reward your staff.

“Businesses will struggle to be productive or grow unless they have the right people in it. Having a notable range of benefits, rewards and recognition supports being a great employer and makes you stand out from the crowd, so people actively want to work for you.”