SSE’s international programme in UAE


Sally Heard, CEO of the School for Social Entrepreneurs Cornwall (SSE), has returned from delivering SSE’s first international programme for female social entrepreneurs in the United Arab Emirates.

The Badiri Social Entrepreneurship Programme is designed to offer its participants a more lucid understanding of society’s most pressing social, cultural, and environmental challenges, so they can use their enterprises to create real change in their communities.

The ten-month hands-on programme will coach and educate 15 UAE-based female entrepreneurs on running a profitable business that can generate a positive social impact. It also includes a field visit to Cornwall for the participants during the summer, and another field visit to SSE India in October.

Heard said: “This is an exciting opportunity for a cultural exchange between Cornish social entrepreneurs and those from the UAE looking to create a positive social impact in their communities.

“My time in Sharjah showed that social entrepreneurship is gaining traction in the UAE. Cornwall has a thriving community of social entrepreneurs, so bringing the two together will enable participants and SSE graduates to share their knowledge and insights in the classroom as well as enjoying first-hand experience in the field.”