Final Straw campaign on Crowdfunder


The drive to rid Cornwall of single use plastic straws has today launched a Crowdfunder campaign.

Final Straw Cornwall is looking to raise awareness of the damage single use plastics are causing to our environment. Its aim is to raise funds for ethically-sourced marketing materials to help spread the word and ensure Cornwall is the UK’s first plastic straw free county.

To date, more than 400 Cornish businesses have given their backing to Final Straw Cornwall, pledging to stop offering customers plastic straws and instead to use paper straws which can biodegrade naturally.

“Cornwall is our home, a remarkable county which is world renowned for its rugged coastal beauty,” said Pat Smith, co-founder of Final Straw Cornwall and owner of Bosinver Farm Cottages.

“We are a strong and vibrant community who thrive in and rely on our environment.

“Our economy and wellbeing depends here, more than anywhere, on our environment which is our responsibility to protect. With a worldwide reputation for hospitality, food and ocean-side adventure, Cornwall is a community perfectly positioned to say no to drinking straws.

“As such, we are sending a message to the world that, by one step at a time, we can and we will tackle the threat of single use plastic that threatens disaster to our planet.”

Final Straw Cornwall hopes to raise £2k through Crowdfunder to help take its campaign to the next level. It will fund ethically sourced marketing and promotional materials, including resources for the businesses that register and support the campaign as well as the regional representatives who will be visiting businesses in Cornwall to encourage them to sign up.

To support Final Straw Cornwall on Crowdfunder, click here.