The Devon & Cornwall Business Council (DCBC) has today (March 9) announced that it will be rebranded as the South West Business Council (SWBC).

Building on the success of the industry-backed Great South West initiative, SWBC says it will continue to work on behalf of the region to encourage business connections within the south west, while building the profile of the region and forging strategic alliances with regional and international partners.

A number of new strategic alliances with organisations across the West Midlands, London and south east of the UK, and in Europe, will be announced shortly, in addition to a new partnership with Business Forum South West.

Tim Jones, Chair of SWBC, said: “I am delighted that Devon & Cornwall Business Council, which has been established for nearly 20 years, has, after extensive consultation, unanimously agreed with all our key stakeholders to embark upon this new branding exercise.

“In addition to taking on this new name, we are also expanding our networks through a series of strategic partnerships to be announced over the coming months. The impact of this will enable the SWBC to more effectively support the Great South West economy, assist in improving productivity levels, increase our influence in Whitehall and extend our network to a number of international opportunities. Our role is to amplify the single voice for all businesses across the south west.”

SWBC chief executive, Dr Robin Daniels (pictured), added: “We’re very excited to be embarking on the next stage of our journey as the South West Business Council, building on the momentum established by the ‘Great South West’ initiative.

“As business people and innovators, we see that new opportunities are forged through partnerships that span cities and regions, sectors and markets. This is our mission: to create new opportunities for organisations of all sizes and from all sectors across the region and, as a region, to take our products and services to global markets.”