Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm has become the latest Cornish brand to get behind a plastic pollution prevention campaign that’s sweeping across the county.

The family-run business has joined Final Straw Cornwall and committed to ditching the use of single-use plastic straws across its operations.

Director, Joe Healey, said: “We saw the Final Straw Cornwall campaign on LinkedIn and immediately wanted to get involved. Some of our customers were partaking and we felt that as part of our corporate responsibility we should be leading the way.

“We welcome over 400,000 visitors to the farm each year and distribute our drinks range locally and nationally. Our sampling areas onsite use miniature glass tankards, however the signature bar in our new restaurant, which is a favourite with visitors, uses straws.

“It was a simple switch from plastic to paper and had an instantly positive effect; not just on the environment but our customers are seeming to prefer it, too.”

Final Straw Cornwall plans to make The Duchy the first plastic straw-free county in the UK by urging pubs, restaurants, cafes and hotels across the county to stop serving single-use plastic straws. It is also encouraging the general public to hand straws back if they are served them.