Interest in student village plans


A public consultation for the proposed Penvose Student Village has been hailed a success by organisers.

The event was held at the newly-renovated Chain Locker in Falmouth last Friday (Oct 20).

Attendees included local residents, hoteliers, town and county councillors and business representatives from Kernick Industrial Estate.

Stafford Sumner, MD of Jarrang, an email marketing business based in Falmouth, supported the scheme and said: “We need to relieve the pressure on housing and amenities in Falmouth whilst supporting the growth of the university and local businesses.”

Business leaders based at Kernick Industrial Estate also expressed concern about proposed plans to create student accommodation on the site.

Mark Bolitho, director of Blue Flame, said: “I do not want to see commercial properties on our industrial estate converted into student accommodation.”

During the event visitors were able to find out about the proposed 2,000 bed student development, which also includes plans to create a new super surgery for Penryn Surgery, a budget hotel and state-of-the-art business units.

Mark Dawes, from CAD Architects, who is working with the development company behind the proposed solution, said: “We’re really pleased with the response and support we received.

“We know there are concerns locally about student housing needs, so being able to showcase Penvose Student Village as the only viable option was invaluable.

“There was also a great deal of interest from businesses in relation to our plans to create high quality business space as they desperately need somewhere to grow into.

“It was also interesting to hear feedback from business leaders based at Kernick who expressed grave concerns about the negative impact the other proposed development on the industrial estate will have on their businesses.”

Penvose Student Village aims to deliver a 2,000 bed student development with parking and will be based between Treliever and Treluswell roundabouts. The site will include a restaurant, sports facilities, amenities, business spaces and a park and ride scheme while providing up to 500 jobs in the area.