A new brand of gin from Cornwall has hit the shelves.

Gin is enjoying something of a renaissance with the nation’s tastes. According to HM Revenue & Customs, in 2010 there were only 116 distilleries in the UK, but more than 100 have opened in the past two years alone.

A number of these have come from Cornwall with the latest kid on the block being St Ives Gin, which claims to be Cornwall’s first ‘cold-compound’ gin – a method which sees a speciality blend of botanicals infused with triple-distilled raw grain spirit, before being triple filtered.

The gin is the brainchild of the Thompson brothers, Timmy, Greg and Bertie, and was originally created in their family restaurant in St Ives – The Searooms.

“We’ve always wanted to make a gin,” explained Timmy Thompson. “One night we were in the restaurant experimenting with botanicals. We thought, why not head into the kitchen and try some fresh herbs too. The result is really special.

Greg Thompson added: “We’ve worked really hard to make a distinctively different, high-quality spirit. Cold-compound gin is relatively unknown entity for many people, so we’re hoping to educate people with a different kind of gin experience.”