Council outlines priorities


Members of Cornwall Council’s cabinet have pledged to improve the lives of people in Cornwall over the next four years.

Setting out the priorities, values and aims of the new administration over the next four years, Council Leader, Adam Paynter, said the Council wanted to work with residents and partners to “close the gap” and make a real, positive difference to the day to day lives of local people.

He said: “When I was elected as the new Leader of the Council I said we wanted to listen to and work with people in Cornwall to protect and support our most vulnerable residents at all stages of their lives, to provide safe and sustainable communities for people to live and work in, and to create the conditions for prosperity by maximising the potential for economic growth and development and providing the housing, jobs, transport and infrastructure to enable our people and places to thrive and succeed.”

Deputy Leader, Julian German, added:  “We recognise that these are ambitious aims, particularly in these difficult financial times, but we are determined to deliver them over the period of this administration.  This will mean making sure we use our resources wisely and deliver value for money.”

Priorities for Cornwall

Our aim:

We will work with the people of Cornwall and use our resources wisely to protect and enhance our unique environment, create more homes and jobs for our residents, and ensure everyone can live well and safely together.

Our values:

  • We listen: we will work with the people of Cornwall
  • We are responsible: we will use resources wisely
  • We act in the best interests of Cornwall: putting people first

Our aims:

  • Ensure everyone can live well and safely together
  • Create more homes and jobs for residents
  • Protect and enhance the environment

Health, Social Care and Families

  • Deliver better health outcomes for everyone, working with partners to shape our future health and care services
  • Ensure people are able to leave hospital, once they are well enough, with the right care in place
  • Protect and improve the lives of our vulnerable adults
  • Increase the aspirations of our young people
  • Protect children from the risk of harm
  • Promote children’s physical and mental health
  • Reduce child poverty


  • Provide 1,000 council homes over 4 years
  • Raise the standards of private rented homes
  • Bring empty properties back into use
  • Support the Cornwall Community Land Trust and registered providers to deliver homes in Cornwall
  • Lobby to remove the bedroom tax
  • Reduce the number of people who have to spend more than 10% of their income to heat their homes]

Environment, Growth and Jobs

  • Use Council land to create jobs, as part of our plan to secure 38,000 new jobs across Cornwall by 2030
  • Ensure people in Cornwall are trained with the skills that our current and future employers need
  • Use our contracts to ensure more people working in Cornwall are paid a genuine living wage
  • Increase the number of apprenticeships for people in Cornwall
  • Invest across Cornwall to create jobs, provide homes and improve lives
  • Reduce waste and increase recycling
  • Become a leader in environmental growth and renewable energy

Transport and Connectivity

  • Further improve sea, road, air , rail and bus networks across Cornwall, working with our partners
  • Build an integrated transport system, linking main line bus and rail timetables, ferries the airport.
  • Give communities more control over funding to improve roads
  • Further enhance our broadband and mobile connectivity

Devolution and Localism

  • Give residents and communities a greater say in decisions and make them at the most appropriate level
  • Lobby Central Government for more powers and fairer funding for Cornwall, including a replacement European fund