A review of further education students at Truro and Penwith College has found that satisfaction rates with the quality of teaching, learning and assessment are some of the highest ever recorded.

The results of the annual student course reviews at Truro and Penwith College have shown that surveyed students “strongly agree” that the College’s teaching, support and guidance is being positively provided.

In total, 10,800 subject specific responses were received for 2017 with extremely high levels of satisfaction rates reported across a range of survey questions. In response, students strongly agreed that they are “treated in a fair and unbiased way”, “homework helps build on what’s learnt in class” and “lecturers provide prompt and regular feedback”.

Data from the course review process is analysed by the college’s senior management team each year to help inform future teaching and learning and learner support developments.

College principal, David Walrond, said: “It is very encouraging that our students’ views confirm so powerfully the recent external Ofsted judgements, both about the excellent teaching here and the high levels of individual support.

“The quality of students’ final outcomes, the results they achieve, and their progression into work or higher study, are all rooted firmly in what happens class by class, week in week out. It is our constant focus on that as a college, and the high expectations we have of each other here that underpins these strong student satisfaction ratings.”