Business Plan for Cornwall launched


The Cornwall Chamber of Commerce has launched its 2017/18 Business Plan for Cornwall.

The document was published at last week’s Cornwall Business Fair and outlines how business in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly can rise to meet the challenges of these uncertain times.

The evidence for the Business Plan was gathered through online and telephone surveys of businesses in the Duchy and via consultation with a number of the chamber’s forums, including the Large Enterprise Action Group and Cornwall Lenders’ Forum.

The plan, which focuses on key areas such as skills, employment and infrastructure, not only makes calls for the conditions the chamber believes business needs in order to flourish, but also outlines what business itself can contribute.

Chief executive, Kim Conchie, said: “This again is a live document challenging – and proposing solutions for – some of the issues facing Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly over the coming two very uncertain years.

“When I look back at how our calls for action have been addressed from the 2015-16 Business Plan for Cornwall I am optimistic that together we can meet these challenges and flourish during the Brexit process.”