Cornish surfer, Matthew Adams, is squaring up to the giant cereal brands with the launch of his new reformulated Liquid Breakfast drinks.

From his office overlooking the beaches near Padstow, Adams is spearheading the introduction of the new FUEL10K Liquid Breakfast drinks which claim to offer more protein with fewer calories, less sugar and less fat.

And in a major show of confidence, Tesco, Coop, ASDA and Morrison’s have launched the Liquid Breakfasts up and down the country in the breakfast aisles reaching over 10,000 stocking points.

“We did our research and spotted a big hole in the declining cereal market,” Adams explained.

“We found that the younger demographic was rejecting the traditional boxed cereals in droves. We wanted a solution that would make breakfast easy for this group – easy format, easy protein and easy nutrition.”

Adams was responsible for introducing the very first breakfast drink to the market back in 2013 and the sector has grown rapidly since then, expanding 85% over the last year.

He added: “Soon after our initial launch, Weetabix entered the market with their version of drinks. We were terrified that we’d get booted out but our sales have remained strong.

“In fact, Weetabix’s big budget advertising has advanced the whole category, helping people to understand that they can drink their breakfast. Our strong brand has been key to our success – we’re not trying to attract all consumers; but rather the young millennials.

“The business is really buzzing. But whilst we’re obviously delighted with our growth, we’re always mindful that we can’t stand still; the cereal giants are always quick to respond to what we do.

“However, we have the advantage of being small and self-funded so we can move very fast and fluidly to keep those giants on their toes.”

Matthew Adams
Matthew Adams