‘Quit EU to save our curry houses’


If you are still undecided which way to vote in the forthcoming EU Referendum, perhaps this argument will swing you. Vote Leave to save Britain’s curry houses.

Scott Mann with Abdul Khoyer and Jacqui Khoyer of the Raj in Wadebridge
Scott Mann with Abdul and Jacqui Khoyer of the Raj in Wadebridge

Between three and five curry restaurants are closing down each week, apparently as a consequence of a shortage of qualified staff due to the “EU’s biased immigration policy”.

As part of yesterday’s (June 2) Save the British Curry Day, North Cornwall MP, Scott Mann, visited to the Raj in Wadebridge to learn more about the plight.

He said: “Abdul at the Raj in Wadebridge contacted me to let me know the problems he is having recruiting specialist chefs. Current unlimited immigration from the EU is putting massive pressure on services, at a time when businessmen like Abdul are unable to get skilled staff.

“It is vital that we have a policy that supports our businesses up and down the UK. That is one of the reasons I think we should leave.”


  1. Why does Abdul expect to import chefs for his business? Why hasn’t he invested some of his profits into training people already here, like businesses used to do? It’s the same old story of business and industry failing to provide proper training and then complaining that there is a shortage of skilled workers.

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