Chamber urges ‘focus’


The Cornwall Chamber of Commerce says the message for businesses in Cornwall post Referendum is different from the national picture.

The EU Referendum result has shaken the business world creating uncertainty and numerous theories about what will happen next.

Cornwall has been in the spotlight after voting Leave despite having been a recipient of more European money than most of the other counties in the UK.

Cornwall Chamber of Commerce is urging businesses in the Duchy to stay focused and take control of their own destiny.

Kim Conchie, chief executive of the Chamber said: “The major adverse effect on your business will be if you, the business leader, lose drive and direction; if you have a business plan you should pursue it with even more fortitude and resolution.

“Yes, take stock – especially to ensure your personal relationships with customers – particularly overseas customers, are as strong as they can be. But make sure you don’t pause your sales effort, your marketing, your leadership and your enthusiasm.

“If EU governments publicly or privately wish to ‘punish’ Britain, the only way that you can overcome this is to take control of your own destiny, your own team and your own customers.

“The country is in uncharted waters but you can give a message of more certainty to your own customers and colleagues.”