Virtual purser company, Shore Based Pursers, has launched a new website and branding, coinciding with its recent workshop at the Palma Superyacht Show.

The workshop, which was attended by an audience of senior crew, focused on the ‘Role of the Superyacht Purser’, including crew employment, management and logistics as well as financial management, and the broad range of skills and experience that fall within these areas.

Sharing its expertise with the existing and aspiring pursers in the audience, the Penryn-based company covered the topics of bookkeeping, expenses and accounting as well as the more organisational elements of interior operations such as effective communication, managing tasks, delegation and efficient time management.

Nicola Moule, MD at Shore Based Pursers, commented: “We’re delighted to have been invited by ACREW to present to crew at the Palma Superyacht Show.

Despite the poor weather on the first day there was a great turnout to the session and a lively discussion went on well after the designated finish time. It was a great pleasure to be involved.”

Originally developed as the marine branch of its parent company,, Shore Based Pursers has now been given its own brand identity and website.

“We are excited that there has been such an interest in the marine side of our business,” added Moule.

“As this continued to go from strength to strength, we knew it was important to develop a standalone brand that purely focuses on and caters to the superyacht industry.”