High hopes for CHP technology


A Cornish family business is bringing the latest renewable energy technology to the south west.

Ignis Heat & Power, a new venture from Wendron Stoves, has secured the contract to be Devon and Cornwall’s only supplier for a leading Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system that offers clean energy and a return on investment in under five years.

Fuelled by wood chip, the Finnish-built ArborElectroGen claims to generate more energy per square metre than any comparable system. It burns wood to around 1,000 degree centigrade to generate gas, which provides heat and electricity.

The Ignis team believes it will be attractive to businesses and farmers who are off-grid and looking for a clean source of heat and power. Following recent changes to the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), the company says CHP is now set to replace biomass as the renewable technology of choice for agriculture and business.

Ignis Heat & Power director, Nathan Ward, said: “We have always kept ahead of changing legislation and are excited by new technology. Combined Heat and Power is now the best option for any off-grid business that needs electricity and heat and we’re predicting interest from farmers and landowners as well as businesses such as hotels and holiday parks and visitor attractions.”

Sales director of Ignis Heat & Power, Gary Hawkins, added: “It has been a frustrating time for businesses looking for renewable energy: biomass grants have dried up, while it is becoming more and more difficult to get planning approval for Solar PV and wind turbines.

“CHP is the one renewable technology left that will give you a good rate of return. For any business that is off-grid and needs both heat and electricity, there is nothing else on the market that will provide both – and earn you money at the same time.”