According to the results of a new poll published in Farmers Weekly, a clear majority of British Farmers believe Britain should exit the EU.

58% of those polled say they will vote to leave the EU, as opposed to 31% who will vote to remain (11% undecided).

Commenting on the poll, the  Farming Minister – Camborne, Redruth & Hayle MP George Eustice – said he was not surprised by the figures.

He commented: “Virtually every problem they (the farmers) bring to me is a direct consequence of dysfunctional EU rules and regulations.

“The NFU’s own recent study showed that, if we left the EU, there would be a firming in farm gate prices and a recovery in farm incomes.

“If we stopped sending £350 million a week to the EU, we would save more than enough money to fund a national agriculture policy. We would regain control and have the power to deliver the change that farming craves.”


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