Minister learns new skills


Skills Minister Nick Boles headed into the kitchen yesterday (March 17) to join Rick Stein chef apprentices in Padstow.

Visiting as part of National Apprenticeship Week, the trip celebrated the Rick Stein apprenticeship programme and the positive impact it has had on the individuals, the business and the wider economy.

Joined by local MP, Scott Mann, the Minister enjoyed a cookery demonstration of mussels with black beans, ginger and garlic from apprentices Rebecca Brewer and Rory Kong before heading back to their own workstation to recreate the dish.

After showing-off their newly-taught culinary skills, they stepped out of the kitchen to meet those working behind the scenes to support and advocate apprenticeship programmes in Cornwall as well as meeting two apprentices from the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust.

Skills Minister, Nick Boles, said “If you think you can handle the heat in the kitchen get an apprenticeship with The Rick Stein Group.

“It’s been fantastic to try my hand at cooking alongside such motivated and talented young people today. I hope more businesses will be inspired to make apprenticeships part of their future as we move towards our goal of 3 million apprenticeships by 2020.”