Mylor invests in boat transporter


MYH new Roodberg HBC38 boat transporter - high res

Larger boats than ever before can be lifted from the water at Mylor Yacht Harbour this autumn following the arrival of a new boat transporter.

The Roodberg HBC38 boat transporter marks a major investment by Mylor, part-funded by the Cornwall Marine Capital Fund.

It can be submerged to pick vessels of up to 38 tonnes out of the Mylor waters and safely manoeuvre them to anywhere on site – without the need for a travel lift.

Spencer Riley, services manager for Mylor’s Marine Team, said: “This is a really impressive piece of engineering which represents a significant investment for Mylor Yacht Harbour and opens up new markets for us as a company.

“The submerge function is a new technology and it lets us haul out larger vessels than we could previously – giving us one of the safest and most comprehensive offerings for boat-owners in the area.”

Mylor’s purchase of the Roodberg lift was made possible with a £42k contribution from the Cornwall Marine Capital Fund.

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