Devolution focus for QES


Cornwall Chamber of Commerce is using its Q3 Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) to find out how the Duchy’s businesses feel about the Devolution Deal now that the dust has settled.

Kim Conchie
Kim Conchie

The QES is Britain’s biggest and longest-running private business survey. The results are analysed and used by the Cornwall Chamber at a local level, and nationally through the British Chambers of Commerce.

Cornwall Chamber of Commerce wants to find out how much businesses know about the Case for Cornwall and the Cornwall Devolution Deal that was signed by the Government back in July.

The Q3 QES survey looks at different aspects of the Devolution Deal and asks respondents to rate the impact each is likely to have on their business.

Kim Conchie, chief executive of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, said: “The QES provides a fantastic opportunity for us to gauge the business community’s reaction to the Devolution Deal.

“The survey results will help us identify the areas in which businesses are likely to need the most support and communication moving forward.”

Data produced from the survey responses will exert influence on behalf of local businesses on both a regional level and with central Government. Policymakers such as the Treasury, the Bank of England, Cornwall Council and the media pay close attention to the details as they are released.

Conchie added: “The Q3 survey is not just about Devolution; responses to questions about business confidence, cash flow and recruitment are vital in helping us and the British Chambers of Commerce paint a picture of the current economic landscape in Cornwall.”

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