Rapid growth in renewables


A major report published today (July 7) by independent renewable energy expert Regen SW, reveals that renewable electricity capacity in the south west grew by 88% in the past year.

According to the annual South West Renewable Energy Progress Report, the south west now generates 14% of its electricity from renewable sources – enough to power 1.3 million typical homes.

Cornwall leads the way in the south west in total renewable energy capacity, with 676 MW installed, ahead of Devon on 601 MW.


Merlin Hyman, chief executive of Regen SW, commented: “Renewable energy in the south west is growing at a pace that would have been hard to believe just a few years ago.

“The story in the south west of England is part of a global shift in investment from fossil fuels to clean energy.”

However, despite this burgeoning growth, the south west in not on track to meet its national target of delivering 15% of energy from renewable sources by 2020.

Hyman added: “Investment in projects, new technology, infrastructure and skills is still being hampered by mixed policy messages, financial uncertainty and, in some areas, by planning and grid constraints.

“This shortfall is a lost opportunity to deliver more high skilled jobs, innovation and export prospects in a growing world market.”

We will be taking a closer look at the Regen SW report and the environmental sector in Cornwall as a whole, in the September issue of Business Cornwall magazine. For more details on how to get involved in this feature, email Morveth Ward.