Seeking carbon saving solutions


An innovative crowdfunding campaign from Cornish social enterprise, Climate Vision, has surpassed its original target.

The initiative – Providing Global Leaders with a Carbon Solution – seeks to calculate the ‘cost-per-tonne’ of carbon savings generated by behavioural changes, analyse the data, and then take it to the United Nations COP21 conference in Paris later this year.

It aims to build on a previous project in 2009, which saw 4,500 individuals and organisations choose to adopt low-carbon and sustainable behaviours such as buying local food, saving energy or switching to renewable energy.

Luci Isaacson, founder of Climate Vision, said: “We think the 2009 Cornish project was a eureka moment that found a quick, effective and enjoyable solution, that can be undertaken by any community to immediately reduce their carbon emissions.”

Truro City FC chairman, Pete Masters, has been among those to support the campaign with a £500 pledge.

Isaacson added: “Corporate Social Responsibility is a big thing, sometimes people are too busy to think about it and it can be complicated – big tick for Truro City Football Club who have really helped a significant environmental project.”

For more details and to make a pledge, click here.