Seafood in the fast lane


Cornwall’s reputation as the leading supplier of quality, fresh seafood has been cemented by the launch of a new delivery service that ensures fresh fish make their way from the fishing boat to London’s top restaurants in just six hours.

The Cornwall Project, in association with logistics company Logisthicks, has launched the service on the back of growing demand for top-quality seafood from some of London’s top chefs and restaurateurs.

Matt Chatfield, who set up The Cornwall Project, said: “After consultation between London chefs and Cornish fishermen, we realised that there is a real appetite for the freshest seafood from both restaurants and consumers in the capital.

“With so much competition in London it is important for restaurants to stand out, and we’re delighted by the response we’ve had to the launch of our extra-speedy delivery service.

“I’ve always been passionate about good food and I’ve always felt that there is an opportunity for Londoners to enjoy fresh fish from Cornwall without having to go beyond the M25. With our new service people will now be able to dine on seafood caught less than 24 hours previously.”