Business Plan for Cornwall


Cornwall Chamber of Commerce is to produce a ‘Business Plan for Cornwall’ which will be presented to politicians before the election.

Kim Conchie
Kim Conchie

The organisation is currently working to get as many businesses in Cornwall as possible to complete an extended version of its Quarterly Economic Survey, in order to generate a strong set of results.

The results will be compiled to form a comprehensive document similar to that which was produced by the British Chambers in 2014 and presented as a ‘Business Plan for Britain’. Cornwall Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Business Plan for Cornwall’ will be presented to politicians, MEPs, prospective parliamentary candidates, Cornwall’s opinion formers and all survey participants, at a special event on March 27.

Cornwall chamber chief executive, Kim Conchie, said: “We want to ensure the collective voice of Cornish business is heard. The ‘Business Plan for Cornwall’ will be your views in one document with clear goals for Cornwall.

“It will enable the business community to take a lead on how the next round of EU investment should be directed. By producing a Cornwall version of the ‘Business Plan for Britain’ manifesto we can lead the business agenda for the next parliamentary term.”

To complete the survey, click here.