Tamar Grow Local land trust

Simon Platten
Simon Platten

A ‘land trust’ is to be developed for new growers and farmers in the Tamar Valley.

Tamar Grow Local will be creating a land trust of starter horticultural units aimed at reinvigorating mid-scale production in the area.

The starter units will enable new entrants into agriculture to access 1-3 acre parcels of land at an affordable cost and utilise business support, training, equipment share and access to markets.

Alongside the starter units, a not-for-profit brokerage system will be developed for these new and existing growers to sell their produce in the local area.

Investment from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation has been secured to kick-start the project. Since the decline in the market gardening and fruit industry from the 1950’s with the advent of imported produce, production has declined. Currently less than half the area is in active production, most of which is grazing.

Simon Platten, project manager for Tamar Grow Local, said: “It is very difficult for those from non-farming families or those wanting to enter agriculture to get a foot through the gate.

“We will be offering practical help in a number of different ways to incentivise new entrants to the sector.”