New BID board member


BID Camborne, the Business Improvement District for the town, has welcomed a new board member, Maria Long.

Long, director of Longacre Estates Property Letting Ltd on Commercial Street, has joined the board to make a positive impact on the town.

An active member of the Camborne business community, she believes that Camborne needs a lift: “I love Camborne but recently it has felt as though it needs bringing up to scratch.

“The economic downturn of a few years ago hit the town centre hard, and we haven’t managed to recover from that.

“We need to ensure that premises in the town centre remain filled, to do that we need to attract new businesses to the town.

“As a BID, if we can find new and creative ways to encourage shoppers then Camborne will once again be a place where businesses want to be, which in turn will increase the number of visitors.”

Long hasn’t always been a supporter of Business Improvement Districts in general, however.

She added: “If I’m honest, I have been sceptical about the role that BIDs play nationally, but it has become apparent to me that the team here are trying really hard to make Camborne a better place.

“That’s not an easy job, and there are levels of bureaucracy within the town that need to be waded through, but much of the improvements that have happened are as a direct result of BID Camborne’s work and that has impressed me.”