National success for pork producer


One of Cornwall’s top pork producers has won recognition at a top national awards ceremony.

Sally Lugg, who runs The Primrose Herd near Redruth, was named runner-up in the Pedigree Breeder of the Year category at the National Pig Awards this week.

Sally - med res
Sally Lugg

Lugg, who gave up her job as a bank manager in order to rear an initially small herd of traditional breeds, said: “It’s always fantastic to be shortlisted for awards of this calibre because it shows your hard work is paying off.

“However this is something extra special as it is judged by a board of experts from within our own industry, who took account of many factors to do with the animal husbandry of our outdoor bred pigs when singling us out.

“It really tops off a great year for Primrose Herd and we would like to thank all of our wonderful customers for their support.”

The burgeoning business, which started off with just two pigs reared as a hobby, is based on non-intensive farming methods and the special qualities of traditional breeds including Gloucester Old Spots, Large Blacks, Tamworths, Welsh and British Lops.