Cornwall near bottom of pay league


A new survey published today has highlighted the east-west pay divide that exists in the south west.

According to the report from ManpowerGroup, people living in the east of the region are the best paid, earning up to £17k more than those living in the west.

ManpowerGroup’s analysis is based on the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings from the Office of National Statistics.

Average pay for those living in the region rose 0.8% – half the rate of increase in the UK as a whole, where pay has risen 1.6%. At an average of £24.4k, annual pay in the south west is almost £3k lower than the UK average of £27.2k.

Manpower’s analysis revealed people living in Bath are the region’s best paid, earning £36.7k annually, whereas workers living in Torridge, Devon, receive the south west’s lowest salaries, an average of £19.7k per annum.

Cornwall is listed in 32nd place out of 36 areas in the south west, with average earnings of £20.0k.

ManpowerGroup’s analysis also revealed an increasing pay gap between the region’s men and women. Average annual pay for men in full-time work rose 3% to £15.79 per hour, while women saw their pay rise just 0.9%, to £13.05 per hour.