A few home truths



According to a new survey, home hunters in Cornwall spend less time deciding to buy a property than watching Coronation Street.

The Barratt Homes ‘21st Century Living: Heads, Hearts and Homes Report’ says that 18% people from the Duchy decided to buy their home before they even viewed it, while 19.4% house hunters decided to buy within 26 minutes.

House hunters in Cornwall spend 25.5 minutes viewing a property before making a decision – only seven minutes more than they spend buying a new pair of jeans.

The average decision cost per minute for house hunting in Cornwall equates to £9,098.

An astonishing 18% home buyers admitted they made up their mind to buy their current property before they had even seen it in real life – despite a home being the biggest purchase they’ll ever make, according to the report.

Homebuyers spend an average of just 25.5 minutes viewing a house or flat before making up their minds. And with the average home currently costing around £232k, this works out as a decision cost equating to £9,098 per minute

The main reasons people in Cornwall don’t spend longer viewing a property include: pressure from estate agents (named by 26%); uncertainty as to how to arrange a further viewing (24%) and lack of time (11%).

The average time spent viewing a home is less than it takes to watch an episode of the TV soap Coronation Street, and only seven minutes more than those in Cornwall spend on average when deciding which pair of jeans to buy.