It’s Fire Door Safety Week


It’s Fire Door Safety Week this week, and a Cornish company has joined the launch of the national campaign to do its bit to raise awareness of vital safety issues.

Fire Crest's operations director, Harry Hart (l), with MD Robert Catanzaro
Fire Crest’s operations director, Harry Hart (l), with MD Robert Catanzaro

The campaign seeks to highlight the importance of correctly supplied, installed, operated and maintained fire doors and includes awareness raising activities and publicity, targeting businesses and commercial landlords.

“Illegal fire doors are frighteningly common,” said Robert Catanzaro, MD of Redruth-based Fire Crest Fire Protection.

“It’s so easy to just block them open if you’re rushing into the building with loads to carry, or if it’s a bit warm in the office, but fire doors play a critical role in the safety of businesses, their customers and their staff so making sure they’re installed and used correctly is imperative.”

Supported by councils, the fire brigade’s union, fire and rescue services, residents’ associations, and the Federation of Small Businesses, Fire Door Safety Week is a national campaign designed to reduce risk and minimise casualties caused by fire.

“We’re hoping that the campaign will support the key message that fire doors save lives and property,” added Catanzaro, “not only by being properly installed but also by being used correctly.”


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