FHC recruiting board members


Falmouth Harbour Commissioners (FHC) is looking for two new members to join its board of commissioners.

The harbour authority is responsible for the management, maintenance and regulation of the Port of Falmouth.

The board is responsible for the strategic oversight of a wide range of activities that are vital to the safe management and economic prosperity of the port.

Candidates are generally expected to have wide and relevant experience, preferably at senior management or board level.

FHC chairman, David Ellis, said: “In line with good governance and to benefit from new ideas and attitudes, we rotate board membership regularly. Commissioners can only be reappointed by the board for two three year terms, after which, if they wish to stay on for a third and final term, they are required to participate in an open recruitment exercise.

“The role is demanding and challenging so we are looking for candidates who will remain committed and dedicated throughout their appointment. We will also be looking for skills and knowledge that complement those of the existing members.”

For more information, a job description or an application form, click here.