Lawyer issues housing challenge


“Cornwall needs to enable the market to move forward to help alleviate the housing crisis.”

Stephen Evans
Stephen Evans

That’s the message coming from Stephen Evans, commercial property and planning lawyer at Coodes Solicitors.

Evans, who has recently joined the firm’s commercial property team as a planning specialist, believes that Cornish youngsters are still being priced out of the market due to the housing shortfalls.

He said: “Having worked in local government in the south west I know how the wheels turn.  Developers and planners need to establish a working solution that enables good quality affordable houses to be built, without creating cheap, characterless boxes.”

“As we all know, stifled supply simply inflates prices, which badly affects those just starting out.

“If Cornwall can solve that problem it will lead the way for the rest of the UK.”

The Launceston-based solicitor, who has a strong planning background, says action is needed now to prevent these issues being compounded in the future.

“Cornwall is a beautiful place to live, and as is always the way with beautiful places, more and more people want to live here.

“Developers need to be encouraged to build homes with sensible, affordable development schemes that work for everyone to provide actual houses in the areas that people want to live.

“The challenge is to ensure those developments are sympathetically situated and in keeping with the environment.”