A&P completes renewables project


A&P Falmouth has completed its second major renewables project, after leading wave energy firm Seatricity’s next generation Oceanus 2 device left the docks on Saturday for Wave Hub.

The wave energy converting device – a 10m diameter floating ring made from marine grade aluminium – is the first device to be deployed for testing at Wave Hub, the offshore renewable energy test facility ten miles off the coast of Hayle.

1 Oceanus2
The Oceanus2 device pictured at Falmouth Docks

The larger-rated capacity Oceanus 2 was built in the fabrication workshops, assembled on the quayside and deployed from a wharf at A&P’s shipyard in Falmouth. If testing is successful, it will pave the way for the manufacture of a further 60 devices.

Seatricity plans to develop a full-scale 10MW grid-connected array over the next two years at Wave Hub.

Paul Weston, A&P Falmouth’s Renewable Energy Technical Manager, said: “We are very proud to have built the first device to be deployed at Wave Hub and we hope we can develop our relationship with Seatricity in the future.”

Wave Hub MD, Claire Gibson, added: “Seatricity’s deployment is an important milestone for Wave Hub. We are particularly pleased to see them drawing on the excellent skills and expertise we have available in the local supply chain, which is an important part of Cornwall’s attraction to the offshore renewable energy industry.”